Last Reflections on Mentoring Month

January is Mentoring month in the United States. This month The Downs Group LLC has offered a variety of resources for you related to bullying prevention with youth, and especially for youth living in foster care.  We hope these have been useful to you!   If you’d...

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Highlighted Course: Mentoring Older Youth

Youth in substitute care seem to benefit significantly from clearly identified and dedicated adult mentors.   This is a full-day, in-person training on strategies and techniques to increase the numbers and quality of mentors for youth. It also provides helpful...

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PATH: The Permanency And Transition Highway

PATH provides foster childen opportunity.The Permanency And Transition Highway (PATH) is an innovative, holistic model of programs and services designed to help older youths achieve fulfilling self-sufficiency as young adults. PATH identifies best practices across a continuum of permanency and independent living strategies. These strategies are integrated into one seamless program of care housed in a central hub in each specific geographical area.

PATH is guided by numerous core principles including:

  • Strong youth participation in, and direction of, services
  • Lasting connections with local stakeholders, including businesses, schools, financial institutions, and other youth agencies
  • Inspiration, guidance, and tools to support youths’ inherent and self-determined successes
  • Reliance on evidence-based and successful tools and practices

The Downs Group LLC has been engaged for assessment, consulting, and training by a variety of clients serving older youth and caregivers including:

  • State of New Jersey
  • Commonwealth of Virginia
  • Clark County/Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Midwest Foster Care
  • Adoption Association Devereux – Arizona
  • Human Rights Campaign Foundation
  • Los Angeles County DCFS