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For December The Downs Group LLC will focus on some end-of-the year review issues often found among child welfare agencies.  We will provide some tools and resources that could help agencies take a fresh look at office environment, service delivery, and overall staff morale. We’ll look at secondary trauma and compassion fatigue among line worker. We’ll also offer a tips and suggestions on how to combat burnout, improve morale, and lift the overall ambience of the agency workplace.

We’ve also reflected back on our own year here at The Downs Group LLC. We’ve identified those tools and resources that our audiences found most helpful and rewarding during the year.  We will offer some of these again during the month in case you missed them.

This month, The Downs Group LLC offers TWO training courses at heavily discounted prices! The first, called “Self-Care for Agencies and Case Workers” is a one-day training that covers staff burnout and turnover, secondary trauma, compassion fatigue, and a host of proven strategies and tools to improve the overall care and well-being of both professionals (of all levels) and the agency as a whole.

The second is called “Right Use of PowerTM to Promote Agency Health and Vitality.” This course is taught by a member of the “Right Use of PowerTM Institute Teacher’s Guild,” the recognized authority on Right Use of Power. This course is designed to help agency leaders, managers, administrators, and staff elevate meaningful and ethical relationships in the workplace. Recent audiences taught by this trainer provided strong, glowing feedback!

If you would like either or both of these courses delivered at your location, you can get 33% off the list price by ordering by December 31, 2017! Note that you do not need to have the course delivered for you until mid 2018!

We welcome your feedback on the articles and materials we share and thoughts about how we might improve in coming months! Please write us at info@DownsConsultingGroup.com . Thanks!


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Dr. Chris Downs has devoted much of his professional career to improving services and outcomes for older, at-risk youth. Chris is President of The Downs Group LLC, based in Seattle and has the pleasure of working with many talented professionals in child welfare and allied areas including his company Associates.