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Child welfare is one of the most stressful careers of all, ranking up there with Dentistry, Paramedic Professionals, and Emergency Room medical personnel. Many agencies experience burnout and turnover rates that complicate continuity and quality of care. These rates directly reflect two basic factors: low compensation and very high stress associated with the work.

This course is a full-day, in-person training on factors associated with burnout and turnover, secondary trauma and compassion fatigue. The course, taught by a nationally prominent expert on organizational climate enhancement, is offered at your agency location and is presented in these sections:

  1. The nature and nurture of the child welfare agency. What makes the work so stressful?
  2. Just how back are the burnout and turnover rates? Why do some other agencies have lower burnout and turnover?
  3. Secondary trauma and compassion fatigue
    1. Definitions and examples
    2. Self-assessments
  4. Building Individual and Agency-wide strategies for lowering Secondary trauma and compassion fatigue
    1. Strategies for inside the workplace
    2. Strategies for outside the workplace
  5. Empowering loving self-care throughout the workforce: from case workers to CEOs

The course includes sensitive and safe interactive components that encourage participants to use observations, questions, and strategies to identify current challenges and create roadmaps for change that will work!  Background resources are provided.

This course is on sale for over 33% off during December 2017 and can be delivered at your agency anytime during the first half of 2018.

The sale price includes our trainer’s fee and all travel and training expenses. To get more information and secure this 33% off sale price, please contact us at info@DownsConsultingGroup.com by December 31, 2017.


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