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November is Adoption month in the United States. The mission of The Downs Group LLC is to improve services and outcomes for older, at risk youth. This month our company will provide a variety of resources for you related to the adoption of older youth, many of whom are living in foster care or residential care.

During the month we will cover some of the basics on adopting older youth. We will offer quotes from teens, parents and professionals on the adoption process and will highlight some outstanding adoption programs. We are especially thrilled to have guest blogs written by Lori Ross, President and CEO of FosterAdopt Connect in Independent, Missouri, Ray Hoskins, COO of The Lions Lead of Indianapolis, Indiana, and Jill Cunningham, (retired) Principal of a top-tier parochial school in California. We promise that these guest blogs will offer strong, and sometimes unsettling, and definitely thought-provoking positions for you to consider.

This month we will continue our “Research You Can Use” series that provides you with digests of research that you can put into your practice or work immediately.

We will also be offering you free resources to have for your work on adoption. Be watching for these resources throughout the month.

The Downs Group LLC offers a one day training on “Older Youth Adoption” at a sales prices this month. If you would like this course delivered at your location, you can get 33% off the list price by ordering by November 30, 2017!

We also offer a Strategic Sharing event at your location on Older Youth Adoption. Please be on the lookout for details.

We welcome your feedback on the articles and materials we share and thoughts about how we might improve in coming months! Please write us at info@DownsConsultingGroup.com . Thanks!

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Dr. Chris Downs has devoted much of his professional career to improving services and outcomes for older, at-risk youth. Chris is President of The Downs Group LLC, based in Seattle and has the pleasure of working with many talented professionals in child welfare and allied areas including his company Associates.