Our Beliefs

Life Skills are the foundation for success in all other major areas of life.
Grandmother and Granddaughter

  • From social relationships, safe and affordable housing, building sustainable careers, to remaining and excelling in school and flourishing in life itself we want to ensure programs are in place that foster success.
  • Child welfare agencies and jurisdictions historically are under-funded, over-analyzed and disrespected.
  • Most child welfare organizations lack the funding they need to provide ideal services to older youth in their care and need assistance in approaching funding sources.

We are here for your organization!

“Chris’ workshop was great help for me to speak out for myself!”
– Foster Youth at Chris’ Communication Workshop

Children over the age of eight need and deserve the love and stability of a permanent family every bit as much as younger children.

The Downs Group, LLC seeks to make currently used terms such as hard-to-place and unadoptable things of the past.

We focus on and help implement programs and change furthering the Positive Youth Development for this older group of at-risk youth.